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Newborn Colostrum Supplement for Lambs & Kids

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With Electrolytes NaCl, K, KCI, Mg, MgSO4 A Multi-species Electrolyte with Essential Salts and Minerals Needed for Rehydration with Live (viable) Microbials Re-hydrates:  Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Goats, Lambs, Kids, Swine, Horses, Foals Formulated To:
  • Support animals normal fluid balance in hot weather or times of stress.
  • Re-hydrates animals during hot weather or exposure to extreme heat when transporting, showing, training or working.
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Energy Pack for Calves, Lambs & Kids

A Natural “Jump Start” for All Newborns

Give to Newborns During Periods of Cold, Wet or Inclement Weather
  • Helps to maintain energy production at the cellular level.
  • Give to support normal stool.
  • Give to support normal appetite.
  • Promotes healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, and pH.
  • Formulated for easy mixing.
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DigestiSure 2X for Lambs & Kids

Supports Healthy Immune System of Newborn, Orphaned or Bottle-fed Lambs & Kids

To be Given to All Newborns as Soon After Birth as Possible

• Supports natural desire to eat and drink. • Supports normal stool. • Supports healthy digestion, pH and nutrient absorption.

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Show Choice Body Condition

To Win at Livestock Shows, Make C&E Show Choice Your #1 Choice!

       A multi-species Supplement For The Ultimate Show Appearance.
  • For Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Hogs, and Equine being fitted for show.
  • Contains branch chain amino acids to promote healthy body composition necessary for show animals.
  • Supports ideal show appearance.
♦ For the greatest competitive edge, feed with C&E Show Champion Pellets.
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DigestiSure for Sheep & Goats

Supports Healthy Gut Microflora and pH Level

  • Supports natural desire to eat and drink.
  • Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Use to support normal digestion before, during or after transporting, exercising, showing and changes in ration or water.
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Show Champion for Cattle, Sheep, & Goats

For Peak Performance in Show Animals!
  • Helps to promote proper body composition in show animals.
  • Supports healthy digestion, absorption, and pH.
  • Maintains appetite during showing, transporting and changes in feed and water.
  • Promotes normal bowel health and stool.
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