Our Story

West Texas Veterinary Supply began as a small family run business in 1960’s on the corner of N 6th and Treadaway. The Stricklin family owned and ran West Texas Veterinarian Supply at the time. After a few years of prosper they moved the business from N 6th to N 7th where it currently resides today. They continued to service the Big Country Area providing not just veterinarian supplies, but veterinarian services and care as well. Dr. Stricklin ran a small veterinarian practice out of the back of the building. As the years went by the company grew as did the building. Eventually Dr. Sticklin quit the practice, but continued to provide the area with much needed veterinarian supplies. The storeĀ  became quite well known and the family had a reputation for treating customers like family.

Original West Texas Vet Supply on N 6th and Treadaway

In 1994 the Brandon family moved to Abilene and Bruce was hired on to manage West Texas Vet Supply. The store and it’s customers quickly grew on Bruce and in the summer of 1996 he purchased the store from the Stricklins. Since 1996 WTVS has grown not just in inventory but in customer base as well. Supplying everyone from your average pet owner, to farriers, to large scale ranchers and day hand cowboys, to the ropers and barrel racers, we cater to them all.

The thing that sets us apart from most other companies is that through it all we never lost our core values. We go above and beyond for our customers. If a customer needs something we typically don’t carry we will do our best to order it in. We have the experience and the connections in the industry to find exactly what a customer is looking for in a very reasonable amount of time. We love our customers and go to great lengths to make sure they leave happy.

West Texas Vet Supply Today

They always say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, well we are the other side of the fence.

Bruce Brandon