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Equine FirstCol

Promotes A Natural Recovery from Colic and Tying-up Indicators of Equine Digestive Upset May Include: • Biting or Kicking at Abdomen • Refusal of Feed and Water • Pawing and Attempting to Roll or Lay Down • Profuse Sweating Equine FirstCol:
  • Promotes natural recovery from Colic and Tying up.
  • Promotes gut motility and bowel movement.
  • Helps maintain healthy lactic acid levels.

Equine Ultra-Fit


Maintains Horse’s Peak Condition All Season

Great for High Performance, “Hard Keepers” and Senior Horses
  • Supports healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Helps to maintain normal muscle volume.
  • Supports healthy skin and natural glossy coat.
  • Highly palatable and digestible.

Vita Flex Daily Gastric Care Pellets

16.5# pail. Feeding Directions: Enclosed scoop holds approximately 2 ounces (61.5 grams). •Adult horses (13+ months): Top dress feed with two scoops (approximately 4 oz) twice daily. Foals & young horses (4-12 months): Top dress feed with 1 scoop (approximately 2 oz) twice daily.