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Safeguard Paste (25 gram 10% Fenbendazole)

Safe-Guard 10% fenbendazole paste formula in a 92 gram paste tube:

Black Calf Head

  • Black Roping Calf Head
  • 12 inch Ear Spread
  • Comes with Pointed Hay Bale Spike

Iconoclast Bell Boots

  • Designed to Prevent Rotating
  • Stabilizing Bar to Ensure a Secure Fit and Superior Performance
  • Maximum Protection for Your Horse
  • Perfect Compliment to Orthopedic or Rehabilitation Boots
  • Colors: Black and White

Classic Equine BioFit Shim Fleece

  • Closed-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped o alleviate saddle fit issues
  • Adjustable correction; slide forward for less, slide back for more
  • 100% Merino fleece bottom with shock absorbing wool felt center
  • 31" x 32"

Equibrand Deluxe Rope Bag

  • Hashtag/Chocolate
  • Checkered/Red
  • Checkered/Teal
  • Royal/Black

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