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CLassic Equine Zone Wool Top

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ESP Felt/Fleece by Classic Equine

  • Xylafoam center with a self adjusting profile that provides the highest level of protection
  • One-pad system perfect for all disciplines
  • Cut out over withers and contoured to fit your horse's back with a split design that allows the pad to move with the horse.
  • 5/8" orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture allowing heat to dissipate away from your horse's back
  • 1" total pad thickness
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Classic Equine Zone Felt/Felt

  • Powered with a vented Zoombang insert that reduces injury and stress on equine athletes.
  • Breathable design remains securely in place, providing conformal layered protection.
  • Covered with uniquely rich and durable suede
  • Durable orthopedic grade felt bottom absorbs moisture, remains soft and pliable, and provides excellent shock absorption.
$249.95 Select options

The Original Casa Zia

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • 100% Wool
  • 32" x 32"
  • Wear Leathers Stiched with Leather Straps
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  • Made with XPF foam
  • Provides maximum impact protection
  • Easy to clean
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Classic Equine SensorFlex Contour

  • Contoured 100% New Zealand wool blanket top
  • Contoured felt body with a shaped design to mimic the horse's topline
  • 100% Merino fleece bottom wicks moisture and provides maximum  comfort to the horse's back
  • 5/8" orthopedic grade felt center absorbs shock for a solid, secure ride
  • 34" x 38"
$229.95 Select options

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Fleece

  • Strategic buildup placement fills in the void area, offering extra support
  • Contoured design molds to conform to your horse's back for added comfort and improved saddle fit
  • 100% Merino fleece bottom with shock absorbing wool felt center
$239.95 Select options

Classic Equine’s SensorFlex Wool Top

  • High quality wool fleece bottom
  • Felt and fleece designed with cutouts under the saddle fenders to provide greater feel and communication with the horse
  • Sizes 32" x 34" or 34" x 38"

PC Comfort-Fit SMX Air Ride Pad Hourglass

  • Felt or Fleece
  • 30"x34" comes with 1/2" Core
  • 33"x38" comes with 3/4" Core
$177.95$203.95 Select options

Classic Equine Virgin Wool Felt

This pad is made with 100% virgin wool. It has superior ability to disperse pressure, wick away moisture, and diffuse heat. It has a contoured shape that is incredibly soft, pliable and has a cutout over the withers so it easily and naturally conforms to the horse’s back.
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