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PC Turquoise Feather Shank Multiple Mouthpiece Options

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CG Bit

The “CG” bit is one of the first bits Carol Goostree designed. She developed this bit especially for her champion mount “Dobre” in the late seventies. The chain snaffle mouthpiece and short gag action make this bit soft and forgiving in a horse’s mouth. Horses tend to feel comfortable in...
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Sherry Cervi Diamond Short Shank

This is the bit that Sherry Cervi uses to start her barrel training or on horses that have sensitives mouths that do not require much bit. It is nice and soft, offering complete rate and body lift for turns.

Sherry Cervi Diamond Long Shank II

Identical to the original Diamond Long Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do not need the extra collection.
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Sherry Cervi Diamond Long Shank

This is a bit with a longer shank, so it will give you more leverage to maintain rate and body position in turns with speed.

Sherry Cervi Diamond Dee Ring

This bit is designed to help soften your horse’s mouth and build sensitivity. Use it to soften finished horses and start colts.
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