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Jr Steer Stand

  • Black Jr Steer Head
  • Pink Jr Steer Head
  • Calf Head

Mustang Collapsible Dummy w/ Head

  • Head Included
  • Steel
  • Collapses for Flat Storage
  • Powder Coated
  • Hind Legs Hinged
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Large Steer Head Dummy

  • Black Mustang Steer Head Included
  • Breaks down for easy transportation
$89.95 Add to cart

Black Calf Head

  • Black Roping Calf Head
  • 12 inch Ear Spread
  • Comes with Pointed Hay Bale Spike
$29.95 Add to cart

Corriente Steer Head

  • Corriente Steer Head
  • 24" Horn Spread
  • Steel Mounting Inserts included
$34.95 Add to cart
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