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Gastric ulceration is widespread among foals and performance horses. Weaning, sale preparation, training, showing, shipping and other stress related activities can all lead to digestive problems. Neigh-Lox Digestive Support for Horses protects the stomach lining from gastric acid to help prevent ulcer formation and maintain normal stomach function.

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Directions for Use:

It is recommended to divide portions equally within a 24-hour period. 1 scoop = 2 ounces. Scoop included. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Young Growing Horses (6-12 months old)
    • 2-3 scoops daily (4-6 oz). Do Not exceed a total of 4 scoops (8oz) per day.
  • Yearlings (12-24 months old)
    • 4-6 scoops daily (8-12 oz). Do not exceed a total of 8 scoops (16 oz) per day.
  • Horses
    • 4 – 6 scoops daily (8-12 oz).┬áDo not exceed a total of 8 scoops (16 oz) per day.

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