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DigestiSure 2X for Piglets


Supports Healthy Immune System of Newborn Pigs and Piglets

       To be given to All Newborns as Soon After Birth as Possible.

Contains a Source of Live (viable) Naturally Occurring Microorganisms, Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Dried Egg York

• Supports natural desire to eat and drink. • Supports normal stool. • Supports healthy digestion, pH and nutrient absorption.

DigestiSure for Pigs


Supports Healthy Gut Microflora and pH Level

  • Supports natural desire to eat and drink.
  • Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Use to support normal digestion before, during or after transporting, exercising, showing and changes in ration or water.

Energy Pack for Calves, Lambs & Kids


A Natural “Jump Start” for All Newborns

Give to Newborns During Periods of Cold, Wet or Inclement Weather
  • Helps to maintain energy production at the cellular level.
  • Give to support normal stool.
  • Give to support normal appetite.
  • Promotes healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, and pH.
  • Formulated for easy mixing.


With Electrolytes NaCl, K, KCI, Mg, MgSO4 A Multi-species Electrolyte with Essential Salts and Minerals Needed for Rehydration with Live (viable) Microbials Re-hydrates:  Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Goats, Lambs, Kids, Swine, Horses, Foals Formulated To:
  • Support animals normal fluid balance in hot weather or times of stress.
  • Re-hydrates animals during hot weather or exposure to extreme heat when transporting, showing, training or working.

Show Champion for Hogs

For Peak Performance in Show Hogs With Live (viable) Microorganisms and Digestive Enzymes
  • Helps to promote proper body composition in show hogs.
  • Supports healthy digestion, absorption, and pH.
  • Maintains appetite during showing, transporting and changes in feed and water.
  • Promotes normal bowel health and stool.

Show Choice Body Condition


To Win at Livestock Shows, Make C&E Show Choice Your #1 Choice!

       A multi-species Supplement For The Ultimate Show Appearance.
  • For Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Hogs, and Equine being fitted for show.
  • Contains branch chain amino acids to promote healthy body composition necessary for show animals.
  • Supports ideal show appearance.
♦ For the greatest competitive edge, feed with C&E Show Champion Pellets.